Synvisc, Hyalgan, Orthovisc injections for osteoarthritis of the knee, etc.
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Thanks to Synvisc injections, Hyalgan injections and Orthovisc injections, chronic pain in your knees and other joints caused by osteoarthritis is no longer a fact of life. Arthritic joints can now be 'lubricated' using a technique called viscosupplementation. You can buy Sinvisc, Hyalgan and Orthovisc and save.
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SYNVISC injections are therapy for the local treatment of pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Synvesc is a widely accepted, safe and effective therapy that can provide long lasting pain relief for knee OA. synvisac injections, synovisc injections, synvics injections, synvycs injections., simvisc knee injections, simvics injection for osteoarthritis of the knee, symvisc orthopaedic knee injections, synavisc injections, synbisc injections for the knee, synivisc arthritis injections, synvac rooster comb injections, synvesc injections, synvic injections

HYALGAN® contains a natural substance called hyaluronate, and is injected into your knee to relieve pain. Hyaluronate is normally found in the fluid that lubricates and cushions your knee joint. HYALGAN® is a treatment option for people who do not get adequate pain relief from simple painkillers (like Tylenol®) or from exercise and physical therapy.

HYALGAN® injections can be used before or in addition to prescription pain relievers (such as Mobic® or Celebrex®).

ORTHOVISC ® is a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution of sodium hyaluronate.

ORTHOVISC ® is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Intra-articular injection into joints. The required amount of ORTHOVISC ® is slowly infused through a sterile hypodermic needle of suitable gauge into the selected joint space. synvis, syn-visc, synvisiac, synvysc, synvist, sinvist, synvasc, syndisc, synvisk, sinvisk, synvecs, qqsynvix, synvssc, synvise.


 Synvisc knee injections are the best selling viscosupplementation products. Synvisc is widely used by orthopaedic specialists. Successful Synvisc treatments can result in 6 to 8 months without pain. Synvisc is packaged with 3 disposable 2 ml syringes. The most common Synvisc treatment consists of 1 Synvisc shot per week for three weeks. Your doctor must determine if you are a good candidate for Synvisc. Orthovisc is a newer product to the market. Orthovisc and Synvisc have comparable results. Some orthopedic physicians prefer Orthovisc while others prefer Synvisc. We can deliver your Synvisc treatment quickly. Normally you will receive your Synvisc within a week from placing your Synvisc order.

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