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HYALGAN® injections give you long-lasting relief of osteoarthritis knee pain

  • HYALGAN® can relieve pain for up to 6 months
  • In a large medical study, 2 out of 3 people using HYALGAN® reported pain relief each month for 6 months
  • HYALGAN® can help relieve knee pain, so you can keep on moving
  • In two studies HYALGAN® has been shown to relieve pain over time better than injections with a steroid (6-methylprednisolone acetate)
  • Demonstrated safety for repeat treatment in a 30 month study

HYALGAN® is a safe choice

HYALGAN® is not a drug! Its active ingredient is a natural product that is injected directly into the knee.

HYALGAN® injections work differently from pain pills because it does not pass through your bloodstream to work. Because you don't swallow it, it does not cause stomach bleeding problems like some pain medications.

  • HYALGAN® does not interfere with any other medicines you may be taking for osteoarthritis or other conditions.
  • Hyalgan has been shown to be safe for repeat treatment in a 30 month study.

HYALGAN® has been safely used for 11 years in the U.S. and more than 25 million injections have been given worldwide.

HYALGAN® is a natural liquid that is injected into your knee to relieve pain.

HYALGAN® contains a natural substance called hyaluronate, and is injected into your knee to relieve pain. Hyaluronate is normally found in the fluid that lubricates and cushions your knee joint. HYALGAN® is a treatment option for people who do not get adequate pain relief from simple painkillers (like Tylenol®) or from exercise and physical therapy.

HYALGAN® injections can be used before or in addition to prescription pain relievers (such as Mobic® or Celebrex®).

HYALGAN® is injected directly into your knee by your healthcare professional.

  • 5 injections given at weekly intervals can provide long-lasting pain relief for up to 6 months
  • Some patients get benefits with 3 injections given at weekly intervals.*

*Some patients may experience benefit with 3 HYALGAN® injections given at weekly intervals. This has been noted in studies of patients receiving 3 injections who were followed for 60 days.

Individual results may vary but HYALGAN® has shown to relieve knee pain for up to 6 months.

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